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What is Zoho Creator App?

Essentially Zoho Creator acts as a custom web application that helps to manage your business. You can collect all the important information about your business in one place and access it from anywhere and anytime, making everything faster.

Zoho Creator App

Zoho Creator App — The Low — Code App

The aim of zoho creator app is to allow businesses to build multi-platform applications be it simple call logs to complex ERPs. They want to allow businesses to build multi-platform applications be it simple call logs to complex ERPs. This would accelerate the development process by providing a rich ecosystem of intuitive visual builders, code editors, and pre-built templates.

Why Zoho Creator?

Zoho Creator allows businesses to collect data, automate processes or workflows, analyze data in reports, collaborate with other users, and even integrate with external applications. When you build an application on the Zoho Creator app, you will be able to get both a native iOS and a native Android app with it, so your users can access real-time data from anywhere, at any time. Zoho creator app allows you to take control — unify your data, processes, and people.

  • Easy to Learn
  • Drag And Drop
  • Data Storage
  • Reports
  • Pages
  1. Panel: Summary of data for example the total number of open lead, closed leas, won leads etc.

Top Advantages of Zoho Creator to Create your Own App

As a leading Zoho Implementation Partner and a certified Zoho developer, we find the following as top advantages for helping you create an app on Zoho creator:

  • You can auto-populate data, collect information, perform validation and use logic to build a foolproof form.
  • You can see exactly what happens and trigger a set of actions based on user interactions.

Zoho Creator Tutorial — How To Create Your Own App

Now let’s try and create our very own app with this simple step-by-step Zoho creator tutorial. As Zoho implementation partners, we have helped many of our clients build extensive apps using Zoho creator. Today we will look at a simple app that we will create from scratch.

Zoho Creator Tutorial
Create Application dialogue

Zoho Creator Pricing

A lot of businesses of varying sizes trust Zoho Creator to manage their data. There are more than 4.5 million apps on it. Zoho creator pricing starts with just $10 per month per user. They also have a Free plan which you can use to learn and play around with the Zoho creator app to understand how to build an app on it. But if you require many users and much more features they do have Premium and Ultimate pricing models as well.



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