What does the Cost of Mobile App Development Depend On?

The cost of mobile application development can vary extremely. It can cost you from literally nothing to an awful lot of money. No one can directly come up with a number value as there are many factors that need to be considered while calculating this cost.

Top Factors That Affect The Cost of Mobile App Development:

Type and Size of the App

Based on the size and complexity of the app, mobile apps are simple, moderate, or complex.

Simple- single platform apps with standard UI components and limited functionalities.

Example — the weather app.

Cost approx $30–35K.

Moderate — single platform apps but include custom UI features, payment features, API integration headsets, and backend server.

Example — Blogging platforms.

Cost approx $60K.

Complex — high feature apps (multi-language support, third-party integrations, professional design, custom animations, etc) with complex backend requirements.

Example — Uber, Facebook.

Cost above $100K.

Platforms and Devices

How many platforms you want to publish on, which devices you are aiming at, will directly impact the cost. For instance, if you hire a mobile app development company London for developing a single platform app it will cost less than that for multiple platforms.

Location and Development Team Structure

If you hire a mobile app development company in UK with offshore offices in India, the cost might be less than an in-house development team. If you hire a freelancer the cost might go down further.

Generally, a basic development team consists of a project manager, programmer, QA engineer, and UI/UX designer and if you are working on something more complex, the team would include 1 project manager, 2–4 app developers, 1 back-end developer, 1 QA engineer, 1 system administrator, and 1–2 UI/UX designers.

Design of the Mobile App

How the app looks and feels matters a lot. Clean, simple, beautiful designs are highly intuitive. Some factors which decide the cost here are the experience of the designer, location of the designer, complexity of the design, and platform for which the design is to be made.

Features and Functionalities

There are many features and functionalities that can exponentially increase or decrease the cost of your mobile app. For eg. the backend infrastructure, third-party service integration, choosing the right content management system, development technologies.

Cost of App Maintenance and Marketing

The average app maintenance costs can be up to 20% of the development costs. So, if you spent $100K in app development, the maintenance costs can run up to $20K. App maintenance costs can include updates, bug fixes, server costs, payment gateways, etc based on the mobile application development company. You need to take into consideration the marketing cost to reach your target audience.

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