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  • Designs should strike the right balance between visual appeal and experience.
  • Users crave clarity and simplicity. Rule should be less is more .
  • Nobody actually reads the website. People rather scan and make quick judgements.
  • Interfaces should look familiar- overdoing experiments can do more harm than good.
  • Vertically longer websites are more likely to be accepted. ‘Scrolling above paging’ is a good mantra.
  • There’s a difference between a good-responsive and responsive. Emphasis should be to create fluid interfaces that look good.
  • White spaces ought to be befriended. Strategic use of white spaces improves readability and spike up website performance.

User Experience Strategy — the 3 Step Success Formula

Researching >> Planning >> Testing & Validating


  • A brief about the idea and scope of the project
  • Company’s mission & vision
  • Target audience and market
  • Any preferred tech stack
  • What would be the success criteria
  • Timeline and budget constraints
  • What are user needs
  • Which relevant digital products they use
  • What are the pain points
  • Which devices are they using
  • Issues they are facing & scope of improvement (if there is an existing product)


Testing & Validating



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