Systango’s Discovery Process- Translating Ideas to Success

It All Starts with Requirement Gathering

  • What does the company do?
  • What are the existing business operations & processes?
  • Who will manage the application?
  • Who will be the users of the application? What will they expect? How do they use the product?
  • Any platform preference? Web, mobile, or both?
  • What unique features do you want to introduce? What all constitute the specific requirements?
  • Any point of reference from existing market competition?
  • Is the product geared to alleviate any pain point?
  • What’s the technology that supports existing business processes?
  • What’s the timeline of the project?
  • What’s the budget estimation?

Designing User Stories

Crafting User Flows & Wireframes

Moodboard Creation

Systango’s Discovery Journey for Strata Alert



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