Systango- Your Credible Agile Development Partner

Agile Development- What it is and Why It’s a Value-rich Deal?

Benefits of Agile

  1. Customer satisfaction is our priority- We want our customers to feel secure and satisfied with our tech partnership. Our team builds sprints at regular intervals and offer continuous delivery of working software.
  2. Dynamic Change Management- We know how to deal with changing requirements during the development phase. We have the capacity to meet the feature request changes without a hitch.
  3. Frequent Software Delivery- We use scrum to accommodate this principle. We ensure delivery of software sprints at regular intervals to follow agile the right way.
  4. We Have the Spirit of Collaboration- Teams and stakeholders work together to plan and decide better.
  5. Self-motivated Teams- We ensure that people involved in the project are knowledgeable, reliable and productive to the core.
  6. We Believe in F2F Interactions- Our proactive communication enables us to understand the visions and requirements in an ideal fashion. When teams are co-located, we are inclined to go ahead with a healthy face-to-face interaction.
  7. Working Software is Our Parameter to Assess Progress- Building and delivering a functional system is our ultimate way of judging work progress.
  8. Effective Agile Processes- This helps us achieve and maintain a consistent development pace.
  9. Attention to Technical Details & Design- We are keen to offer technical goodness. We pay utmost attention to technical nitty-gritty and design part to spike up agility and offer a highly refined product.
  10. We are Simplicity Lovers- We plan strategically to design just enough that serves the purpose.
  11. We Trust Self-organising Teams for Valuable End Result- Self-organising teams work with a smart approach, leading to the conception of the best requirements, architectures, and designs. The decisions made are way more thoughtful than individual efforts.
  12. Reflection to Get Better- Our team coordinates at periodic intervals to track the process, suss out room for improvement, and change the workflows to realise efficient performance.



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