Internet of Things For Healthcare

IoT in Healthcare Workflow

Benefits of IoT in Healthcare

  • Cost Reduction: IoT enables patient monitoring in real-time, thus significantly cutting down unnecessary visits to doctors, hospital stays and re-admissions
  • Simultaneous reporting and monitoring: It enables physicians to make evidence-based informed decisions and brings absolute transparency. A study conducted by the Centre of Connected Health Policy suggests a 50% reduction in 30-day readmission rate because of remote patient monitoring on heart failure patients.
  • Faster Disease Diagnosis: Continuous patient monitoring and real-time data helps in diagnosing diseases at an early stage or even before the disease develops based on symptoms
  • Remote medical assistance: With mobility solutions in healthcare, the medics can instantly check the patients and identify the ailments on-the-go.
  • Tracking and Alert Notifications: The data generated by these IoT healthcare devices are analysed. These reports give better insights to the wearer and the doctors. This enables the wearer to take needed steps and doctors to make well-versed decisions and provide on-time treatment.
  • Drugs and Equipment Management: Using connected devices, equipment like wheelchairs, incubators, etc can be easily and effectively managed with reduced costs.
  • Research: This data thus collected can be used for the statistical study that would support the medical research.

IoT Use Cases in the Healthcare Industry

Systango and IoT in Healthcare



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