Free React-Redux Starter Kit

  • npm install: to simply install all the required node modules of project
  • npm start: to run webpack bundler(using webpack/dev.config.js) and start project
  • npm run styles: to check for indentation & other styling errors.
  • npm run eslint: to check for eslint errors.
  • npm run build: to generate production version of bundle(using webpack/production.config.js) after performing all the error checks.
  • npm install/uninstall : to install/uninstall a specific node module.
/src folder includes all the code that is required for development. /src/components contains all the react jsx components. /src/middleware contains everything you need to setup the API http middleware. 
/src/models contains all the redux store files
/src/index.js has all the routes defined for the react project that uses react-router.
/src/store.js contains all the redux store configurations.
/webpack - with this module, you can configure the development and production environment - adding and configuring API endpoints
export default ({children}) => (
<div className="ui centered grid">
<div className="sixteen wide mobile eight wide tablet eight wide computer column">
import React from 'react'
import {connect} from 'react-redux'
import AuthLayout from './AuthLayout'
const LoginSentPage = ({location, dispatch}) => (
<div className={'ui top attached message'}>
<div className="header">Secure Login Key Sent</div>
<div className="ui attached fluid segment">
<p>Thank You for subscribing.</p>
export default connect(state => ({}))(LoginSentPage)



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