Everything You Need to know about Cloud-Based Testing Tools

  • Screen resolution
  • Turning on/off GPS
  • Screen orientation (landscape, portrait)
  • Different devices’ manufacturers
  • Operating system
  • Type of mobile application
  1. Manual Testing: In this approach, the tester focuses on explorative ways of monitoring, whether a mobile application meets user requirements and expectations or not.
  2. Automated Testing: Software-based testing which compares the actual results with the expected results of the application or website in terms of designs, usability, functionalities, etc.

What is Cloud-based device testing?

Cloud-Based Device Testing Service Providers

  • AWS Device Farm: AWS Device Farm allows QA to test their application on a shared fleet of 2500+ devices. This testing service interacts with Android, iOS, web apps and reproduces issues on a device in real-time.
  • pCloudy: Public Cloud is designed to increase the App Testing coverage while saving significant time and cost. It allows access to real devices in a single click by using any Html5 browser. With security being a key factor, makes sure that information over secure web sockets is protected.
  • Perfecto: The MobileCloud is a completely web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that allows mobile application developers and QA Engineers to work with services like advanced automation, monitoring, and testing services with different subscription plans .
  • Kobiton: Kobiton is a powerful mobile device platform offers real mobile devices for both testers and developers. Using Katalon Studio, you can easily execute automated tests on devices.
  • Firebase Test Lab: Just with one operation, you can test your Android or iOS app across a wide variety of devices and device configurations, and see the result including logs, videos, and screenshots in the console.




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