Everything About Blockchain Game Development: A Quick Guide

3 min readMar 21, 2023

Who doesn’t get excited about gaming these days? All of us digital nerds definitely do. From PlayStation to present-day decentralised gaming with NFTs and metaverse, we definitely have seen a huge shift, however, one thing remained constant, the love of gaming.

Another such revolution in the field of gaming is decentralised games, also known as blockchain games. In this article, we will cover a small introduction to blockchain game development followed by its unique features!

Introduction to Blockchain Game Development

Blockchain-based decentralized games enable players to own and exchange special digital assets, such as in-game items, in a safe and open environment. This offers up fresh design options for games, including the use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and interoperability between different game items.

The history of blockchain games goes back to 2017 when the first ever decentralized game, CryptoKitties was launched. The game gained massive popularity and everyone seemed to love this collectible game where players could create and trade digital cats.

Several other decentralized games were released after CryptoKitties’ success, each providing a distinctive perspective on the idea.

Features of Blockchain Games

Blockchain Development Company UK such as Systango Technologies are getting increased queries for blockchain game development as these games offer some amazing features that keep the players hooked.

Here are some of the features that make blockchain games absolutely unique:

1. Digital Ownership

A distinguishing feature of blockchain games is that they give players digital ownership where they can exchange unique digital assets, such as game items, in a secure and transparent way. This gives players greater control over their virtual assets and allows for the creation of a vibrant in-game economy.

2. Decentralised Economy

The blockchain technology used in these games establishes a decentralized economy where players can buy, sell, and exchange virtual goods without the aid of a centralized organization. As a result, a highly developed digital playing field is created, enabling a more varied and lively in-game ecosystem.

3. Player-Driven Market

Player-driven markets, where players can buy, sell, and trade virtual goods with one another, are prevalent in cryptocurrency games. As a result, the in-game economy becomes more dynamic and player-driven, and players have the chance to profit from their in-game actions in the real world.

4. Cross-Game Interoperability

Cross-game items and assets that can be used in numerous games can be created in decentralized games. As a result, game designers have new opportunities and users can enjoy a more social gaming experience.

These are some of the incredible features that are making players go gaga over decentralized games built with blockchain technology. Anyone that’s trying to make the most of technology and develop engaging games must put their focus on building decentralized games as they most definitely are the future!

If you’re also someone looking to build a blockchain game, you can get in touch with Systango, a pioneer of blockchain technology in the UK. And the best part, they have blockchain developers for hire that can help you build not just blockchain games, but much more, using this unique technology!




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