DevOps has become a catchphrase in the field of software development. And, a drastic increase in DevOps adoption over the past few years states its significance in the process of ensuring quick release and smooth delivery of software. So, how does Quality Assurance in DevOps fit in?

A fitting extension…

7 Key Principles of DevOps That Businesses Must Embrace

“Agility” is what is essentially required in the present market to survive and thrive. You simply won’t get anywhere if you are not ready to advance your processes according to the current trends. It is true for almost every industry, especially…

DevOps has evolved exponentially over the decade and is grabbing the attention of every single enterprise, whether it is a well-established organization or startup. There are many reasons why businesses are widely influenced by this technology, and the most important one is customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is one of the…


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