5 Reasons Why Software Development Companies Choose Agile Methodology

Most software development companies worldwide use the agile scrum method to build successful and relevant end products. Agile is about team-work and delivering projects with proper roadmaps while being flexible to stay updated to market trends and user needs.

Why Systango, a leading software development company London uses an agile development method:

1 Quick Feedback Incorporation

Changes can be a result of feedback from prospective customers, need to stay updated with market needs, or a last-minute thing. It does not matter how fast a product is delivered if it is not fulfilling the demanding specifications. It’s easier to accommodate such changes in agile sprints.

2 Better Software Project Organisation

The sprints in agile help in better organisation of a project. Sprint plannings, sprint meetings, sprint reviews, etc. helps team members to stay focused on the goal, the idea of the project, understand the effort they need to put into the project, and meet the demands.

3 Team Building

Building an amazing agile team is very important. It takes time to create a healthy and engaging environment among the team. There should be a working strategy in place that helps consolidate the team effort.

Here are the stages our agile teams go through:

  • Forming stage: team members get to know each other, share useful information, and understand rules which need to be followed throughout the project timeline.
  • Storming stage: team members follow certain guidelines and goals to keep themselves on the same page.
  • Norming stage: we build strategy and the project roadmap based on which the team will deliver. This helps in meeting project timelines and understanding individual roles in the success of the project.
  • Performing stage: The team members collaborate with each other and work on a shared product to create value in the market.

All leading software companies in UK follow these stages and allow sharing of different ideas, methods, and working strategies along the whole process. If you are looking for software development companies in London for your dev needs, do check out our portfolio.

4 Efficient Use of Tools

While working in teams, we need tools in order to organise or assign tasks, categorise tasks, etc. in order to work efficiently. Using the right tools helps in:

  • Categorising project requirements
  • Prioritising tasks
  • Task assignment
  • Following the project timeline
  • Move tasks from in-progress to review to completed status.

5 High Productivity Level

The biggest benefit of having an agile development team is a major boost in productivity. The team has clear goals, the timeline is decided and each member of the team knows their tasks. Because of this high level of transparency and ownership, developers individually and as a team strive towards achieving their goals.

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