5 Essential Tools for DevOps Adoption!

  • 63% of companies get to launch new software more frequently.
  • 63% of organizations feel a sure improvement in their software deployment quality.
  • Modular Nature- Ansible makes use of more than 750 modules for the automation, configuration, and deployment of infrastructure.
  • Independent- It does not need any external software or agents on the servers to work. Python or SSH is enough to make it happen.
  • Feature-Loaded- Ansible has a whole lot of features to make it one of the bestDevOps tools in 2021. From the networks to operating systems, the overall time gets dramatically cut down with Ansible.
  • Highly Secure- The use of SSH and Python makes the operations of Ansible very secure and consistent.
  • Low Latency- Ansible’s performance is, there’s no other way to put it, excellent. That makes latency a very rare occurrence with its use.
  • Jenkins is an open-source tool with a rich community to support all the updates.
  • The installation process is super simple.
  • The availability of more than 1000 plugins is a big advantage, as work becomes a breeze with so much help.
  • It’s FREE!!
  • Because it has been built on Java, there is a high amount of flexibility to shift it to other platforms as well.
  • The tool provides a sustainable approach as different complexities and code duplications are eliminated. Better app life is the ultimate consequence.
  • The maintenance costs come in control, as less time is spent on repetitive changes within the code, boosting productivity.
  • Through its automation capabilities, SonarQube easily finds out if coding guidelines have been breached so that the code quality stays up to the mark.
  • Business scaling becomes easy, there’s no fixed number of projects that can be taken up.
  • The isolated environment brings a lot of efficiencies, as the app does not depend on the external ecosystem due to containerization.
  • Because Docker reduces the final deployment time to just seconds, there is a dramatic reduction in costs because of enhanced efficiency and lack of clutter.
  • Docker makes deployment a very portable, scalable, and mobile process. The containers are not pulled down due to varying ecosystems, and this is a big deal!
  • At times, it happens that there’s the need for an urgent upgrade at the time of release. Docker allows making changes right in those specific containers, run tests, and then roll out the upgraded containers.
  • Flexible load-handling capability delegates the app traffic through multiple instances, identifying the bad ones and diverting them to the better ones till they become better.
  • Compared to the other tools, EC2 brings a dramatic reduction in server booting time.
  • With EC2, there’s complete control on the servers, making it convenient for a user to keep it all close to the chest.
  • There’s no point to worry about security, as AWS EC2 keeps everything super-secure and tight.



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