4 Challenges Blockchain Can Resolve For Fintech Industry

Blockchain has emerged as one of the most reliable technologies in recent years that could answer data security problems. Blockchain developers around the world are constantly working towards making the technology more & more sophisticated & scalable to suit the needs of various industries. Fintech is one of the primary industries where blockchain technology can bring a revolution by eradicating some of the major challenges.

In this article, we will discuss four major challenges blockchain can resolve for fintech:

1. Higher Operations Costs:

Time is sometimes used interchangeably with money when discussing the financial market. Over time, operational costs could be decreased by saving time. Fintech’s adoption of blockchain technology will eliminate reliance on many parties, make the entire process public, and shorten the associated timeframe (thereby the cost associated with it).

2. Trust Factor:

Traditional financial technology transactions provide users with little visibility into what actually occurs on the other side, which increases user anxiety about identity theft or misunderstanding about how transactions are being carried out. Blockchain’s fundamental attributes of immutability and transparency will help fintech solve it. Blockchain app developers can implement the unmatched features of blockchain for fintech and enhance the trust factor.

3. Dependence On Centralised System:

The people who have benefited from the power of fintech solutions have always been intermediaries or third parties. The centralized system has primarily been criticized by users for being prejudiced. As you know, decentralization is one of the primary characteristics of blockchain technology. Thus, this issue will be resolved with decentralization at its core with the introduction of blockchain in fintech.

4. Slower Processes:

We have all experienced delays when transferring money or doing transactions. These primarily occur as a result of numerous third parties’ engagement. Lower satisfaction rates and more turbulence in the commercial environment have been caused by such processes.

These are the four major challenges currently being faced by the Fintech industry that can be resolved with blockchain technology. The financial sector has been faced with numerous difficulties, including protracted funding cycles, missed goals, and increasing losses, which are primarily brought on by poor management. But these issues will be resolved with the use of blockchain technology in the fintech industry.

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London’s leading digital agency Systango offers full service from strategy, scoping to launch & maintenance, innovative campaigns to enterprise infrastructure.

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London’s leading digital agency Systango offers full service from strategy, scoping to launch & maintenance, innovative campaigns to enterprise infrastructure.