3 Main Software Development Methodologies

Software development is the process of designing, building, and implementing solutions. There is a process of how the application is made and follows a standard methodology.

Many factors are considered by leading software development companies London before deciding the software development methodology that will be used such as the size of the project, the requirements, flexibility needed in the project, size of the development team, and the deadline/timeline for the project.

The basic stages of Software Development Lifecycle are:

  • Planning
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Testing
  • Implementation
  • Support

Top 3 approaches that are used across all topmost software development agencies are:

  1. Waterfall

This is a rigid linear model that consists of sequential phases like requirements, design, implementation, verification, maintenance with each phase focusing on distinct goals. Every phase must be completed 100% before starting the next phase.

The waterfall method works under the assumption that the project requirements are clear and don’t allow for flexibility.

Based on our experience, Waterfall works best when:

  • Requirements are rigid
  • Budgets for the project is fixed
  • Worked on a similar project before
  • The client knows exactly what they want and doesn’t wish for a lot of involvement

2. RAD, Rapid Application Development

This development process produces a high-quality system with low investment costs. RAD consists of 4 phases: requirements planning, user design, construction, and cutover. The user design and construction phases repeat until the user confirms that the product meets all requirements.

As a leading software development agency, we consider RAD a great application development method for:

  • A team of experienced developers
  • A highly engaged client
  • A flexible delivery date
  • Pressing business

3. Agile Methodology

In agile methodology, teams develop the software in iterations which is nothing but performing mini-increments of the new functionality. Agile is an iterative approach that focuses on building features one at a time. Each feature is built in a methodical way, and the client signs off on it before the next feature is developed.

Agile uses sprints for each feature where we build, test, and present that specific feature. It tries to incorporate the entire SDLC for a specific feature into each sprint. This helps us stick to the timeline and get frequent feedback from the client.

At Systango, Agile is our go-to approach for most projects where:

  • The project is big and can be broken down into several sprints
  • A team of specialists works together to deliver the feature
  • Most of the requirements are figured out initially to make a proper project plan
  • You have scrum owners, scrum masters and a good team in place

At Systango, we pride ourselves as a leading software development company London. We are experts in software development, app development, and bespoke custom solution development. Over the years we have perfected the various approaches for software development and choose the one best for your project needs.

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