2023 Fintech Mobile App Development Trends

2 min readFeb 10


Fintech mobile app development is gaining momentum. It’s crucial to recognize that as FinTech mobile app development picks up steam, newer technologies and applications are currently entering the market for use by businesses and consumers.

Technology is changing every day and it could be hard to keep up with. Therefore, in this article, we will be discussing top fintech development trends for 2023 that you can watch out for.

1. Improved Automation:

Every business imaginable has been affected by technologies like AI, ML, robots, and computers, and FinTech is no exception. Lightweight and engaging user interfaces are ideal for any task that includes providing customer service.

Chatbots are an example of an automation technology that not only makes life easier for consumers but also offers a unique, immersive experience. While there is no doubt that automation is altering the FinTech industry’s appearance, the human aspect is also quite significant. It is not the proper course of action for any business to delegate important tasks to “automated humans,” and striking a balance is advised.

2. Utilization Of Blockchain:

The FinTech industry is now being disrupted most by blockchain technology. Smarter contracts, easier payments, and digital identities are just a few of the many benefits that Blockchain brings to the development of FinTech mobile apps, which is why it has such a strong following. Customers currently looking for a variety of other capabilities in a FinTech app.

Some of these in-demand services are cryptocurrency wallets and databases for digital assets, all of which are made feasible by Blockchain.

3. Microservices:

Microservices enable FinTechs to construct extremely dynamic solutions for mobile app development that can meet the expectations of customers in the modern world. Microservices have shown to be crucial for dividing applications into more manageable, separate components.

The unified approach to app development, where everything is expected to come together as a singularity, is changed in a positive way by microservices. They arrange the application’s blocks in a loosely connected manner, and they use APIs to facilitate communication.

4. More Emphasis On Big Data:

Fintech is a data-intensive industry that requires processing huge chunks of data related to customers, banks, etc., every single day. Therefore, big data will play a massive role in fintech app development. Big data can be used to make more accurate predictions & decisions and process tonnes of information to deliver thought-provoking insights for the fintech industry.

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