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Project Management entails a lot of different things for different types of business, thus managing a business project is an overwhelming task. However, with project management software like Zoho Projects, it has become easy for businesses to keep track of their tasks, collaborate with clients and team members, and stay in tune with all the latest updates of the project. Zoho Projects Integration fulfils all the collaboration needs of your business, which in turn brings great changes to your business and enhances its profitability.

In this blog, we will be covering the features of Zoho Projects that make it a great tool for project management. But, before that let’s understand what Zoho Projects is and how it can help you with your business.

Zoho Projects is a cloud-based project management tool which serves as a comprehensive solution to all the project management needs of your business. From helping you plan your work to tracking it effectively and collaborating with your team, Zoho Projects can help you with it all.

Zoho Projects is a compelling tool for both small and boot-strapped businesses because it is easy to use and also cost-effective. Moreover, the project management tool comes with a free trial option so that you can do more than just test drive before upgrading to the paid version.

Top Features of Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects allows you to automate tasks, which means you can set time for adding a task or event reminder. It is known for its Blueprint Features which was made in order to automate various tasks by setting up the workflow. Blueprint Features allows you to create your own blueprint by designing the process flow, configuring the setting and executing the process easily.

This makes management work easy by removing the recurring work, alerting the right people at the right time and ensuring that the right process is being followed throughout the project implementation. You can effortlessly automate your tasks using Zoho Projects by reaching out to Systango, Zoho Authorised partner in London.

Gantt Charts allows you to visualize the progress of your tasks. With Gantt Charts, you can check every detail of project management including task lists, milestones, overdue tasks, completeness status and dependencies. Each category can be assigned a different colour which makes it effortless to identify and distinguish between various tasks.

Gantt charts make it easy to reschedule or reorganize the tasks — alter plans by adding tasks, drag and drop a task from one area of the chart to another, and more.

This feature also allows you to switch the views of the chart according to your preference. For instance, if you want to sort the projects according to their completion status, you can switch the view to show the upcoming due dates first

3. Project Planning with Tasks:

Zoho Projects enables you to break down your tasks into easy-to-manage pieces. You also have centralized access to all the projects so that you have an update who is allotted what task. The project planning with Zoho Projects provides you deadlines you are coming up and also the comprehensive view of the project. Get in touch with certified Zoho Partner for Zoho Projects integration and improve your project planning.

Additionally, you can break your tasks into subtasks, write comments on various tasks and even have a look at the task dependency. One of the coolest features that come with project planning is Kanban. The Kanban allows you to see your workflow as cards so that you can sort by the percentage completed.

4. Effective Reporting:

Zoho Projects exceeds what a particular job requires when it comes to the reporting tool. First off, Zoho Projects can seamlessly integrate with Zoho Reports which help you customize the dashboard and track metrics which is important to you.

Zoho Reports also makes it easy to drag and drop, email, export and print reports according to your needs. With Zoho Reports, you will be able to track the team’s progress, keep track of KPIs and make adjustments to workflow strategy

5. Document Management:

Are you looking for a safe and easy-to-access place to store your files? Then, get in touch with certified Zoho Partner for Zoho Projects integration. Zoho Projects not only allows you to keep your files organised but also allows you to share and access the file as needed. It doesn’t matter whether it is a document, spreadsheet, pdf, video clip or report, you can send and save files within Zoho Projects. Additionally, Zoho Projects saves previous versions of files, that help you recover files or return to the previous versions if required.

Zoho Projects comes with a powerful search tool that helps you locate files without searching for each and everything manually.

6. Google Integration:

Zoho’s Project Management Tool can be easily integrated with Google Drive, Gmail and Google Calendar. With this integration, you can easily sync your tasks with your Google account, add tasks in Google Calendar and attach files using Google Drive. Instead of switching between the project management tool and Google accounts, you can work with both applications.

7. Dropbox Integration:

Dropbox is another big thing in the business world and Zoho is completely aware of it. That’s why Zoho Projects come with smart Dropbox integration.

This integration helps you bring files to Dropbox or sync files into Dropbox into Zoho without any hassles. When you integrate Dropbox with Zoho Projects, you have a centralized system to find all the needed files without switching between the locations.

8. Chat Function and Creating Forums:

Zoho Projects integration provides you with Chat Function that enables you to effectively communicate the necessary strategies and critical tasks with your teammates in real-time. You can create private chat groups about a task project, which allows you to add only relevant people to the group.

This integration helps you bring files to Dropbox or sync files into Dropbox into Zoho without any hassles. When you integrate Dropbox with Zoho Projects, you have a centralized system to find all the needed files without switching between the locations.

9. Timesheet Module and Issue Tracker:

Keeping track of the amount of time your team spent on various projects can be troublesome unless you have an automated system to keep track of the working hours, which is integrated right into the project management software as Zoho Project does.

Zoho Projects timesheet helps you record the billable or non-billable hours of employees either through a timer or manually. It also helps you send invoices to the client and ensures that your invoices are always correct.

10. Mobile Apps

With Zoho Projects integration, you can not only manage your work from desktop, but you can also keep a track on crucial projects on-the-go with mobile apps for iOS and Android.

When you download the mobile app, you can access and download the documents with the help of your phone.

Why should you choose Zoho Projects for your business?

Aside from the above-mentioned beneficial features that Zoho Projects offers to your business, this platform is also known for the credibility it offers. Zoho Projects has a proven track record when it comes to enhancing the efficiency of businesses.

Take Squirrel Hub for example — Squirrel Hub is a consultancy that provides CRM focussed advisory, strategy and integration services to other services. Squirrel Hub approached Systango, Zoho authorised partner in London, for CRM integration. We have helped 50+ of their clients with third-party app integrations like Zoho Projects, Zoho CRM, Zoho Reports, PandaDoc and more. Zoho Projects integration has helped Squirrel Hub enhance their business when it comes to project management. It made their business more efficient by bringing improvement in the following areas:

  • It improved internal collaboration between the teams as it helps to create tasks easily and keep a track of pending and finished projects.
  • Improved the way of handling relationships with clients as it enables ease addition of clients to the project forums.
  • Increased data-driven management and leadership skills of the people with the aid of seamless integration with Zoho Reports.
  • The business gained more profitability because of the overall improvement of project management.
  • It made it easy for team leaders and project managers to keep a track of the total hours spent.

Zoho Projects is a product which has already been tested by various businesses. It has provided substantial benefits to the business in terms of project management and team collaboration. It comprises easy-to-use and user-friendly interfaces which makes it easy for team members to understand the various functionalities of the tool.

Systango as your Certified Zoho Partner:

We, at Systango, are a Zoho authorised partner in London. We offer comprehensive Zoho Integration services. We work with our clients to build a fully customizable system for your business. Our services mainly cover Zoho Consultation, Zoho Development, Zoho Analytics integration services, Zoho Training and Support. Over the last 4+ years, we have worked as a certified Zoho partner with several clients and helped them set up and integrated Zoho Products. Our Zoho offerings include configuration, implementation, and development of more than 40+ Zoho products.

If you are looking forward to Zoho CRM, Zoho Projects or any other Zoho product integration to streamline the operations of your business and enhance customer services, then feel free to book a consultation with us!

Originally published at https://www.systango.com on December 16, 2020.

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